Wildly Curative

I finished up a fun shoot last week with a local business owner in Baxter, TN. I pulled this official introduction from her!

“Hi! Wildly Curative is currently an extension of me, Elisa, and my passion for bringing holistic healing on a spiritual, emotional, and physical level to my community and ya know the whole world. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in the great state of Tennessee where I call home and a coach for those who aren’t calling Tennessee home, yet. Wildly Curative in the physical sense resides in Baxter, TN where we watch the train come by twice a day and visit with the neighbors four times as much. It’s wonderful…

I believe laughter is probably the best medicine that exists, and that connection to the Creator regenerates more than we can ever know. I am an advocate of empowering people to heal on their own terms within their own means when possible and use Doterra Essential Oils 99% of the day. I am certain that each of us has our own specific calling on our life and when we follow that Earth becomes a better and healthier place to all…

I know this world is changing. I know it’s for the better. I am thrilled we get to do this life together.”

You can find out more about Elisa and her business at wildlycurative.com


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