Meet Bowie Blue

There are not many things in life more fun than…. a great pair of earrings. Bright, bold, and unapologetically F.U.N.!

You can view this entire collection of colorful accessories over on their website (, but before you do take a peek at a few of the recent photos I captured for this brand.

I love being able to capture photos just like this for brands to use to promote the products they are passionate about. I know all about the struggle of constantly having to try and create and find content to use for your social feeds, website, and email marketing.

If having a gallery full of branded images is something that would be beneficial to you and your business, shoot me an email and let’s chat about it!

Did you know?

Bronzer is not the same as contour. 🙀

• Contour- is more ashy in color. Contour is used to create a shadow effect on your face. Contour helps to diminish certain areas to give your face more dimension and depth.

• Bronzer- has a warmer tone to it. Bronzer is used to give you a sun kissed glow and should be used in places that the sun would naturally hit your face, like your cheeks, your forehead, and the tip of your nose and chin.

The two should not be used in place of the other! Use together for a beautiful sculpted sun-kissed glow! ☀️

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